Essay on Personal Statement On Self Driven Cars

Essay on Personal Statement On Self Driven Cars

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Self-Driving Vehicles: Putting Your Life in the Hands of a Computer
Is it safe for self-driving cars be allowed to operate on streets along with human driven
vehicles? Automated vehicles are most likely what the future has in store. I believe it is merely a matter of when the technology is at a satisfactory level for it to be safe enough for everyone to use. I have always been very interested in “the technology of the future” as well as anything mechanical. Currently I am pursuing a degree in diesel engineering. I see my educational path as pursuing a technology that will be even more relevant in the future than it is today. Self-driven cars should coincide with diesel engineered vehicles as long as they are a safe, reliable, and affordable means of transportation. Throughout the last thirty years diesel fuel has been getting more and more popular because it produces more power and lubricates the motor through the combustion process. This causes longer lasting motors as well as more miles per gallon of fuel.
In 2014 there were approximately 32,675 people who died in car crashes in the united states. Out of the total number of accidents, more than ninety percent were caused by driver error. With one-hundred percent of the cars on the road being autonomous, professionals say that at least ninety percent of driver error caused accidents would never occur. Automotive manufacturers have been implementing their vehicles with the latest and greatest autonomous technology for years. Some of that technology includes self-breaking, lane correction, accident avoidance, self-parking, some cars with the newer high end cruise control will even match the car in front of its speed and can automatically stop in an emergency situation.

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...ere would be only a computer controlling the vehicle then would the computers programmer be at fault, or would it be the vehicles actual manufacturer. Could the person who owns the vehicle really be put at fault for the uncontrolled actions of a robot? This argument has raised many valid points in the controversy that is self-driving vehicles.
In my opinion self-driving cars are no doubt what the automotive industry is heading towards. Even without roadways designed for these vehicles they are still getting better and better at maneuvering an ancient roadway system that was never designed for them. The infrastructure has not changed in the last hundred years to be geared towards them and I feel that once the roads are updated with a technology that assists the cars, even in inclement weather to better guide themselves that they can be able to take over the roads.

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