Personal Statement On Professional Responsibility And Accountability Essay

Personal Statement On Professional Responsibility And Accountability Essay

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Professional Responsibility and Accountability
I frequently ask the public nurse I am working with for feedback and keep in constant communication with them during my shift. I also ask my instructor for feedback on an ongoing basis to continually try and improve in my practice. For example, when working on teaching plan and PowerPoint for grade 6 and 7, I checked in with the public health nurse to seek feedback. Furthermore, I wrote weekly reflection in order to identify gaps and goals for sequent weeks( #2, Assesses own practice and undertakes activities to improve practice and meet identified learning goals on an ongoing basis)
I make sure I am healthy enough to take care of patients before I come to clinical. I have a support system of family and friends that help maintain my emotional health. For example, I run, do hot yoga, spend time with friends and family and make sure I get plenty of rest so I am rested for clinical days (#6 Maintains own physical and emotional fitness to practice)
I ensure all of my documentation and certifications are always up to date as per the hospital and school policies. I attend in-services and educational opportunities when they are available to me in order to further my knowledge and practice. For example my first aid, fit testing, flu shots, WHMIS are all up to date. I was also able to attend “my mother’s home: celebrating migration motherhood and diversity” event (# 7maintains current registration)

Knowledge Based Practice
I always research relevant information before assuming public health nursing roles, such as health teaching, including; finding out age appropriate activities and languages. For example, while gathering information for the teaching plan, I reviewed prescribed learning outco...

... middle of paper ...

...ome: celebrating migration motherhood and diversity” event and Sugar sense fair.


By the end of term 8, I will be organised by completing my learning goals before the actual experience

I will read public health resources related to the experience and formulate goals at least two day before the actual experience.

By the end of term I will advance my critical thinking by unfolding all aspects involved in a clinical situation
I will carefully evaluate the situation using the nursing process. I will detail the connections between all involved factors.

By the end of term 8 I will communicate better with interdisciplinary team by following up timely and asking for clarification as necessary

I will check my emails regularly and follow up on emails within 24.

I will also attend meetings such as post conferences and team meetings to receive ongoing updates.

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