Personal Statement On Physical Wellness Essay

Personal Statement On Physical Wellness Essay

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Physical Wellness
To me physical wellness is definitely one aspect, of the five dimensions, I know I need to work on improving. Recently I has blood work done, it’s showed I had low vitamin b-12, vitamin d, and potassium. This really opened my eyes and made me realize I need to work on taking better care of my physical wellness. I plan on eating a larger variety of foods; as well as, keeping track and planning what I eat. Along with these changes to my diet I plan on taking a multi-vitamin, along with the vitamin d the campus doctor prescribed me.
My physical activity has always been above moderate for most of my life. When I started college in august I stayed in a good routine of going to the gym every single day. Towards the middle of the semester I got out of my routine, because I started getting fatigue and ill (relating back to my deficiencies). I plan on giving my vitamin levels time to rise and then start a workout routine again. I will balance weight training with cardio, whenever I do start back exercising.
Emotional Wellness
For me, emotional wellness is something I am striving in currently. I have had to work on keeping my mental health good my entire life. I have always struggled with anxiety and obsessive tendencies. I recently addressed this problem, and I sought out medical help. I am now on medication and my emotional wellness has improved tremendously. Things aren’t perfect, but one thing I have learned is you have to accept flaws and work with them. I keep my mind opening to counseling, even though I am not in need of it now, because I know it could be beneficial.
As I mentioned, my emotion health isn’t perfect. I still plan on improving certain aspects and specific habits. Certain aspects I plan to improve...

... middle of paper ... because I grew up in a religious family. I believe in Christianity, to further my spiritual life I am involved in my faith. Since coming to college I have joined Cru, an on campus ministry, and I have found a church in the area to go to on Sunday’s. Along with these practices, I also listen to Christian contemporary music whenever I am driving. Music really helps me spiritually and it is something I resonate with.
Other than my religious beliefs I am spiritual in other ways and I try to be mindful of multi-cultural beliefs. I like to meditate and focus on good energy, and I like to bring good energy to others. For myself, I have cut out meat because I feel like it is the moral thing to do for me. I like to practice peace, and I felt I couldn’t do so while eating a sentient being. One way I plan to further my spiritual life is to do mission work in the future.

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