Personal Statement On Personal Strategic Planning Essay

Personal Statement On Personal Strategic Planning Essay

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Personal Life
Personal strategic planning is the best method of getting the best out of myself. I do this by discovering the inborn and personal skills, develop the skills to the highest order which in return helps me to achieve satisfaction in whatsoever I do. The first thing I do here is to increase my return on energy and I consider and develop most of my ability to think well, and later my earning ability. Clarification of values helps me to know what are the most important values and virtues I needed to have in order to function well. I also have a personal mission statement which is “to be the best in every good thing I do”. Performing an audit over my personal values and determining the area of my excellence is what I put to work daily.
Social Context
According to Brian Tracy, states that beginning with the premise of reorganizing and reallocating people and resources to increase the rate of return on equity is the beginning point. Socially, managers believe that an organizational profile is shaped by people, especially top managers and their orientation is important during formulation of the strategies. People should be carried along while setting organizational climate and how they determine the direction of the organizations where they work. Consequently, their values, their preferences and their attitude towards risks have to be carefully examined because they have an impact on strategy. The external environment that has to do with threats and opportunities. The evaluation not only involve social factors but political, legal, demographic factors are inclusive.
Current Related Researches
David Mineo et al, stated why strategic planning is not operational in their research titles “Strategic planning in research organizati...

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... ward, general ward, non-natal unit, OPD ward e.t.c. The next step that follows, is allocating of fixed duty to individuals and lastly delegation of authority. Infact, organization deals with human and material factors in business and therefore must not be overlooked
Usefulness of the Concept to the Current World
It is a part of management and administration that helps to see that human and material organizations are suitable and ensue material and human order. It helps in dividing the functions of a company, enterprise and department. It also shows the relationships between the organisation’s staff members. It helps everyone know who does what in an organization and how effectively and effieicntly it is being done. It provides the means by which employees know whom to report to especially when things are not moving accordingly
It is

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