Personal Statement On Non Profit Organizations Essay

Personal Statement On Non Profit Organizations Essay

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When I began this class, I had never had any experience or knowledge on non-profit organizations. After reading the chapters and doing the project for CHASI, I began to realize that non-profit could be my niche. I chose to pursue a degree in criminal justice, because of the many job possibilities, but I never would have imagined non-profit being one of those possible careers for myself. I was raised under the philosophy from both sides of my family, that if you give, you will get in return, I believe this so much and I have witnessed it personally throughout this semester. I have given my time and effort to raise money for people, who I don’t know and who are less fortunate than some, and although I may not receive money or items back in exchange, I get to feel a sense of pride, which is more than enough. So when I went to the nonprofit career website and looked through the job listing, there were many that I was interested in but only a couple that I could actually see myself doing.
The first job that stuck out to me was an organizer, I found this job to be interesting because, eve...

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