Essay Personal Statement On Motivation And Motivation

Essay Personal Statement On Motivation And Motivation

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I find this case to be very personal to me, since my experiences with teaching was over a decade ago and direct instruction was still the most used teaching method. I found these teachers were less willing to budge from their routine and style, and why should they when they had little support from administration? While I was in college and graduate school, I began to notice that classrooms moved towards the constructivist model and I began to enjoy learning more. I want to connect and provide that same level of passion for learning for my students.
Motivation is an integral part of teaching in order to improve student learning. In order for Mr. Entenmann to motivate his students he must first be motivated to want to help his students. In order to do so he needs to first understand and empathize with his students as stated in the long-term intervention goals. Understanding a student’s needs outside of the classroom can help him be more focused on building and motivating their educational needs. Abraham Maslow came up with an approach to motivation called the Hierarchy of Needs and how it affects a student’s ability to learn (Danforth and Boyle, 2007, p. 32). By understanding that each student comes from a different background and thus has different needs, Mr. Entenmann can help fulfill the needs of each of his students and begin to re-focus the student on teaching and learning. Along with the motivation formula for learning, “motivation = expectation X value X climate”, Mr. Entenmann can provide an environment that fosters motivation and learning for Hector, Felix and his other students.
Techniques and Strategies
The techniques and strategies that Mr. Entenmann has been using as a veteran are the main problems i...

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...ionally, Mr. Entenmann may not feel the need to change his teaching style and continue to struggle with keeping control of his classroom.
In summary, this case study is truly unique to the teacher Mr. Entenmann. In order to be an effective teacher, Mr. Entenmann needs to understand that all students learn differently and that good communication and relationships are needed. Learning requires an active part on the students and what they are able to do with the material they are handed. However, if students don’t feel respected or cared for by their teacher they are likely to reciprocate the same feelings and misbehavior will occur. With a designed short-term and long-term intervention plan set in place, it is possible for Mr. Entenmann to find a connection with his students and create a nurturing and welcoming environment that fosters student learning.

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