Personal Statement On Hospitality Management Essay

Personal Statement On Hospitality Management Essay

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“My learning experience, things I can achieve, the decisions I make, the people I meet and befriend and the mistakes I make tells me who I am now and who I will become.” As a child, this was a belief that my parents taught me and, so I grew up with it and became very devoted to follow it. My parents always said to me “Learn all you can.” They also taught me that the decisions I make will help me to build my own destination, and the way I treat others will say the person I am. Until this day, I continue to believe, apply and follow that belief. Today, Hospitality Management is my number one career choice I have chosen to work for the rest of my life. In many different ways, Hospitality Management reflects my third, fourth and fifth of my career choices when I was younger. Since a young age, I have always liked to lead others, even if I was not the candidate chosen as the president or the leader of the group. As I grew older and taking leadership roles in high school like the president, tutoring, and treasurer, I acquired the intellectual foundation and qualities like persistence, self-confidence, motivation and diligence to see myself as a future manager or leader.
Being acknowledged by someone for making their day after a long working day or a stressful day is a very rewarding feeling. Since I started college, I have gained some skills and working experience in the Hospitality Industry that have helped me to enforce my values. Most of my working experience has been volunteering at events and working a part time at a fast casual restaurant. For example, I have been working as a cashier for the past five years at a restaurant called Off The Grille Bistro. I have earned excellent knowledge in customer service, trainin...

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... management. I believe that one of those roles is that a manager needs to overcome cultural differences. A leader is willing to tolerate, adapt and learn to live and work with different cultures. With tolerance, a manager comes to the disposition to comprehend when employees meet a cultural boundary and try to help them to overcome it.
During the time working in different events, whether it was in a leadership position or not, I learned about professional limitations, gaining respect, caring about others and understanding and accommodating oneself with other cultures. Despite working in different areas in the hospitality industry and having earned different experiences, I personally believe that it has helped me to reach my objectives in knowing what kind of leader I want to become while still following and not forgetting my personal beliefs that I grew up with.

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