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Personal Statement On Friday Night Essay

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What the Client said: ROBYN: I notice with myself, I start getting very stressed on Thursday night,because I know that he 's coming home, and he 's going to be critical of how I parent Michelle, and critical of the decisions I 've made in the week. It didn 't used to be like that. We used to be a family. And now it 's just him wanting to have things perfect. He 's so worried that someone 's going to see that we 're not perfect, and that we have to work really hard on Thursday night, Friday morning, to make sure everything is the way that 's going to make him happy when he gets home

What was negative about the client perspective: The clien 't overall perspective of the situation is negative. The client is somewhat defensive and feels that her husband is going to be judgemental and critical of her parenting of her daughter Michelle and her decisions as a mother.

What the counselor “reframing statement” was: COUNSELOR: So one of the ways in which you manifest that things aren 't perfect, is you land here, you 're in my office. I 'm wondering if this feels hopeful to you, like finally, we 're at a place where we can start addressing something that hasn 't felt perfect.

What was the new perspective: The statment dissolves the focus of blame of either parent and makes the situation a family issues rather than a mother-daughter issue. It also shows the strength of the client in recognizing the need for assitantce which is a postive decision.

What the Client said: ROBYN: When he was talking, I was just sitting there thinking he has no idea the pressure he puts on us, and that it 's always--

What was negative about the client perspective: The negative is that the clients feels pressure from her husband.

What the couns...

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...actice and Week 4 Mock Counseling) and consider all nonverbal communication, including posture, movements, tone of voice, and facial expressiveness. From your observation of your own body language in your Practice and Week 4 videos, what messages are you conveying nonverbally?
My facial expressions conveyed a look of concern, empathy, warmth and compassion to my client. My tone of voice was soft but calm, which I thought displayed a warm and inviting tone in order to help establish a rapport with my client. My body language conveyed a message of being comfortable with a desire to get to know my client. It also sends a nonjudgmental message to my client. I also displayed strong eye contact which sends a message of genuine interest in the client. The skills that I utilited in the videos can be effective in helping to reduce the anxiety that the client may be feeling.

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