Personal Statement On Family Involvement Essay

Personal Statement On Family Involvement Essay

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Family involvement is critical in the educational development of a child, therefore, it is my responsibility as an educator to help families be proactive in their children’s pedagogy. A student’s learning is dependent upon many influences and a crucial factor is family involvement. Families rely upon the teacher to create a welcoming atmosphere which allows for all parties involved to work as one unit in the proliferation of knowledge. This may be accomplished by encouraging families to volunteer in the classroom, attend school functions, commit to regular parent-teacher conferences and create engaging at-home family activities. By doing so, families are an integral part of their child’s learning and I, the teacher, act as the facilitator in integrating both home and school life. In addition, I have a duty to provide an open-door policy for families and to be an effective communicator through both formal and informal modes of communication; newsletters, daily interaction at drop-off or pickup, blogs, etc… Furthermore, I must be diligent in acquiring knowledge about diverse family structures. This may include meeting with local charitable organizations which help needy families or attending a Gay and Lesbian Alliance meeting to ascertain information which may prove vital to serving to better understand all family dynamics. Accordingly, I must be aware of the socio-economic community in which I teach. By doing so, I can create lessons which factor in what is financially feasible and reasonable for the families of the students I am teaching. Ultimately, it is my role as the teacher to engage all families in the educational journey their child has begun in my classroom.
Equally important is my part in helping to empower families. The...

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...on teacher(s) to have an exercise demonstration. The children and parents could participate and would be an innovative way to show how fun exercising together can be. Furthermore, I would desire to have a family workshop on the curriculum. This may include the new methods of completing math work and providing resources that help parents understand the core curriculum. Many parents struggle when attempting to help their children and a workshop with individual centers, mirroring those of the classroom, (language arts, math, science, etc…) could be created during the workshop to guide parents through the steps of their child’s learning. Consequently, I believe it is important to balance the events throughout the year. Certain events should be focused on academics and or educational tools while others should be more centered on entertainment and enjoyable activities.

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