Essay on Personal Statement On Family Happiness

Essay on Personal Statement On Family Happiness

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• Family happiness: I grew up in a community that values family, my parents’ top priority was to make us happy, they have devoted their life to make my siblings and I satisfied. I have a big family, I lived in a big house that has three floors everyone has his own suite and we have big living room that can incorporate us. We used to sit together in (breakfast/lunch/dinner). My father was always busy and worked so hard and still having time for us. My mother left her job to take care of us; she managed everything with love and affection. And after I got married, I left home and I started acting the same way with my husband and I will do the same with my children, my family happiness is my top priority now.
• Personal development: I believe that my overall educational and professional experiences are highly indicative of my personal commitment to learning and development. Seeking to develop myself further is the reason for being here in the States. My belief is that the love I have for education will help improve my interest in the business field. Being brought up in an educated family...

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