Personal Statement On Family Gathering Essay

Personal Statement On Family Gathering Essay

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Family gathering is the highlights to some culture. Gathering brings out the tradition and value that signify the love and unity of families and friends. As a kid, my family gathering would be an event that I would look forward to. Amorous stare of my grandparents when they look into one another eyes of the beautiful life they created with their kids. Family gathering with food brings out every aspect in my family such as love, fruitful blessing, and most of all the sweetest gossip.
Love and food go hand in hand in the Curley’s gathering. In my observation with my family I noticed that everyone gets together and pitches in to make our gathering a success. For example, my grandmother has always been the planner in the family. She is always the one to make a list of every item we need for the gatherings. Grandma makes sure everyone is invited in a timely fashion and gives family specific instruction to make the family gathering a success. As I watched her in admiration I notice that she has a determined spirit. In other words, even though things might not turn out exactly how she plans she never let that stop her with future gatherings. Values that were instill in my grandmother is marvelous. She believes that family represents a true beauty of a person, although, some might be blood related family that does not make them any more significant than those that are related through marriage or long term friendships. Her generosity of her love speaks a multitude of volumes, especially when she opens up her home for the family gathers. As a result of my grandmother consist tradition with family gatherings her daughters adopted the same values. My aunts are the ones that help with the cooking of the food preparation. They grew up watchin...

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...g blesses the one that might not have dinner planned that particular night, and leaving the family house with enough food that might last for 3-5 days depending on how huge their immediate household might be. Meanwhile, giving that family member or friend an appreciative smile for showing up to the gatherings will probably be embedded in their minds for a long time coming.
Although, some family might not gather with food it’s doesn’t mean the gatherings doesn’t signify anything. Anytime a large group of people unite in my opinion, that contribute to my theory of what love and family is all about. Just being there for one another for the good moments and most of all for the bad is a true definition of family. Although, family might work on some people nerves a little I can honestly say I’m truly blessed for mines. Loud, obnoxious, and loving is the Curley’s family.

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