Personal Statement On Educational Goals Essay

Personal Statement On Educational Goals Essay

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Introduce themselves and connect course goals to their role in education.
•Recognize and reflect on the diversity of their student population
Module 1 had two different parts. The first part was to introduce ourselves to the classmates and discuss our educational goals. I was guided into creating a wiki and introduced to Class Café.
The second part of module 1 was an assignment over a reflection. The reflection was over the diversity of student population. The content I mainly focused was the articles from the Brown University website that was provided. The website had a lot of topics such as culture, traits, problems and strategies that an educator should take into consideration when teaching diverse students or ELL students. My reflection was established due to the three insights I found interesting from the website. The module content did not only prepare me to complete the assignment, but I also put the information into practice in my job, since I am an ELL tutor.

2. Reflect and discuss how the content in Module 2 prepared you to demonstrate mastery on the assignment in Module 2.
Analyze their content to identify an appropriate concept, evaluate the content to determine the details that should be included in a presentation created for online learning.
Module 2 focused on distance education. After reading the articles provided by module 2, I acknowledge that education can be provided by a lot of methods and not the traditional teaching method; in the classroom. Constructing a presentation that was not PowerPoint was a challenge, since I have always used that tool. I went out of my comfort zone and made a presentation on Prezi. I believe, that the “Assignment Resource” folder was very helpful, not only in this module but th...

... middle of paper ...

...rst graduate course. I was very pleased that the structure was easy to follow. The due dates for assignments were reasonable and feedback was given in a timely manner. Online courses have their drawbacks due to not going to a physical classroom and building that relationship with classmates and the professor. However, I believe that the professor structured this course in one that benefited all of us. Emails and Class Café were very useful throughout this course.

10. What worked and/or what specific changes would you suggest in this course?
I do not think there is a lot to change about this course. The only thing I would suggest is to be more specific on assignments. Most of the questions that were asked on Class Café related to assignment questions. Other than that, I enjoyed this course.

I appreciate your time to answer emails and questions through Class Café.

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