Essay on Personal Statement On Computer Science

Essay on Personal Statement On Computer Science

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I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity and it is with sincere sense of gratification that I pen my brief statement of purpose. The course of Information Technology which I pursued at GURU NANAK college of Engineering further advanced the deep curiosity I had in computer science and mathematics since childhood .It is only natural that after completing my course I had a penchant to learn more, which guided me to take up the decision to pursue graduate study in research oriented and technological areas like Computer Science and Information Technology, that touch the lives of many in this modern age.

The deep interest in computer science was engendered, when I was introduced to languages like BASIC and LOGO, during my early age at school. I studied at Bashyam Public School, that has the goal of imparting quality education and inculcating scientific and research oriented thinking as one of its prime objectives, also equally accentuating the importance of human ethics and its role in education. This shaped me into a student with a sense of responsibility and character. After I entered High School I was exposed to languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML and many more. This really opened new avenues for me and I became totally engrossed learning and applying them. My interest in mathematics prompted me to take up Algorithm design and, studying this was a joy. I have always felt comfortable with the subjects of mathematics & physics and my stable performance in these areas evince the reason. Therefore, I have opted for the same in my intermediate (10+2) course and got through it in the first division with distinction. Also, I participated in extracurricular activities like quiz competitions and sports eve...

... middle of paper ... at your esteemed university.

Also, upon successful completion of my graduate course I plan to do my Ph. D studies in
The field of computer science. The M.S degree would make me technically more advanced in the field .The challenges faced while doing my graduate course would provide me a good impetus and pathway for carrying out my research work, which I am deeply interested since my childhood days

I look upon the graduate program in your department as an avenue to hone my skills and to help me reach the culmination of my scientific career. I assure you that I would keep up my diligence and good demeanor during the course. I hope you find my purpose definitive and fit in to your image of a promising student. I look forward to prove myself.


(T.Keerthi Prakash)

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