Essay about Personal Statement of Management Studies

Essay about Personal Statement of Management Studies

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My enthusiasm for Management studies is very straightforward/clear: people, throughout life, will either manage or be managed. In both situations management skills are essential.
The definitive turning point that confirmed my commitment to Management came at a Model UN in Rome, in March 2013. Whilst taking part in discussions on business related topics among hundreds of students at Luiss University, I strongly improved my analytical skills and developed strategies for helping underdeveloped countries to come up with workable trading systems.
In the past two years I have sought to validate my commitment through a wide range of work and academic experiences.
During my fourth year of High School, I completed a six-month International Exchange Programme at a High School in Wisconsin, where, besides performing well in academic terms and scoring a total GPA of 4.0/4.0, I took a Business course, which further deepened my vocational stream of interest.
More recently, after graduating with the top score of 100/100 in my Esame di Stato, I have embarked upon a three-month internship with IG Gro...

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