Essay on Personal Statement Of Events Causing Me

Essay on Personal Statement Of Events Causing Me

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vvPersonal Narrative – Statement of Events Causing Me to Miss Two Finals

Friday Night
The house seemed ominously quiet, especially for a Friday evening when the usual cacophony of 3 TVs tuned to different channels, battled for dominance. Not against each other, but with the sound of my father’s voice.
But, not tonight, instead the house seemed to hold its breath, as if it knew he was away….until the strident shrill of 7 phones ringing at once, in a different key shrieking through the empty rooms startled Barry (my younger brother, dozing in dad’s chair) and me as I picked my book off the floor…heart pounding, I grabbed the phone (it was about 10:45 pm) a rushed voice announced he urgently needed to talk to with our father. It was the night manager from the Board and Care home (will refer to as B & C) where his mother lived, informed us that (Barry picked up a different phone extension) grandma sustained, what he referred to as “a cardiac event.” He wanted permission to transfer her to Cedars Saini Hospital by ambulance. Our parents were on the east coast and we didn’t have a contact number, then he asked if I was 21. Without thinking I told him I was 19. which was apparently too young to assume financial responsibility, so he just hung up. Leaving my brother and I completely freaked out.
It was after 2:30 am, when a doctor calling from the hospital let us know grandma passed away end route to the emergency room. He wanted to know which mortuary to release her body to, but I didn’t have a clue, so he left me with a phone number to call once we had the information. I was in shock. Knowing my father’s meticulous nature, I was certain the B & C had instructions to cover any exigency. It was the middle of the night and the offices wer...

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...proper intent matures. At this point a child can be held accountable for his or her actions” ( “

It’s still not all that clear cut, but applying this definition, I believe I qualify under both recognized aspects of “capacity.” Thus, if I simply failed to take any action and continued to study and attend my finals as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, would I be held accountable? Irrefutably, my answer is “yes!” In this case I had both a legal and moral obligation to take the necessary steps to continue making arrangements to bury my grandmother. I met this obligation. The situation was out of my control, however, I had no other choice. (But, I was also a girl whose Bubbe just died!) Using every bit of self-control, I forced myself to focus solely on her and ensure she received a proper and respectful burial.

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