Essay on Personal Statement : My Training

Essay on Personal Statement : My Training

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Due to my training in marketing, I initially assessed the poster from the standpoint of its effectiveness to communicate the desired message rather than assessing the message itself. In my opinion, the images are extremely effective at communicating Mr. Segert’s desired message. The coloring, use of symbolism, and placement of items within the pieces enhance the potency of an already powerful and alluring message. Even though many, including myself, might take issue with the tenants of Mr. Segert’s message, one could see how persuasive and powerful this image could be. In a way, the message forces the viewer to choose between open-mindedness and tolerance or the safety and security of their beloved country.
With regards to Kimmelman’s assertion, in some ways I agree with his assessment and in others I disagree. Certainly, most would likely agree that physical posters like the ones discussed in the article do not, to a large extent, exist in the United States. However, I think that this type of propaganda has just taken on a different form, mainly being distributed through mediums such as cable news and the internet. I am not quite sure of Kimmelman’s connection with the two party political system and think that this point falls short of being proved in my mind.
I certainly think there is a connection between the media coverage of the poster and increasing the poster’s effectiveness. Anytime a piece like the poster discussed in this article is given the chance to be seen by more people, I think there is a logical understanding that the image will be more effective at conveying the desired method.
I reject the assertion that media has the role to provide objective coverage of certain issues. I hold this position due to th...

... middle of paper ...

...y that message. There is no margin for error when communicating through visual means. When going through the process of creating an image, making sure the creator is focusing on the message causes him/her to constantly evaluate the visual’s effectiveness. As discussed in the article, Mr. Segert’s poster went through several changes and forms before he arrived at a piece he though clearly communicated his desired message. In a way, this process is trial and error, but if the creator has a clear message in mind, the end goal is already known.
Personally, I think propaganda in general is just a part of life. In my opinion, trying to eliminate propaganda is a futile endeavor that unnecessarily consumes time, effort, and energy. These resources would be much more effectively used to teach people how to cope and operate effectively in a world where propaganda exists.

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