Personal Statement : My Personality Type Essay example

Personal Statement : My Personality Type Essay example

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I think overall the test was very accurate in describing my personality type. I am a nurturer, kind-hearted, and want to believe the best in people. The portrait of ISFJ’s was spot on, however, I disagree with some of the relationship weaknesses. They described my personality to be very emotionally needy, with a difficult time leaving a bad relationship, or moving on from an ended relationship. I have to disagree with this because I feel I am the type of person that once you lose my trust in a relationship, I am done with trying to make that relationship work. Once I have something against a person, it’s hard for me to over-look the issue, and just keep staying in the relationship. I am very independent and don’t rely much on others for my happiness, so I would disagree that I am overly needy in a relationship. The most surprising thing that I learned about myself is that I have a rich inner world that is not obvious to others. I was actually talking about this the other day with my client because I was telling her that I have a hard time remembering things, however, I can remember t...

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