Personal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Essay

Personal Statement : My Personal Philosophy Essay

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My intended major is Psychology for now but I want to master in Pre-med and later on go to school for my PHD. I am recently taking a Psychology class and it fascinates me. Moreover in that class I am learning new things like the whole process of pregnancy and the stages of growing up. Ever since I was little I saw family members passed away and would always hear people dying. For example in poverty area they do not have a lot of money to get health care help for the people in need of medical attention. So I want to be able to save peoples lives and make a difference in their life . Another reason is I want to be able to help my family when there is an emergency or when they get sick. I believe that it is important to have someone in your family to be a doctor based on my experience of family members dying without knowing that they were sick of. Growing up where I used to live there was not a lot of doctors close by so when one of my family members would get sick we would have to drive an hour away and I would get frustrated because I could not do anything to be able to help them out. Moreover watching documentaries and watching doctors save peoples lives it was really fascinating how doctors know what to prescribed you and what medicine to take instead if you are allergic to. Also watching the documentaries and how people would come in bleeding I wouldn’t be disgusted by it. In addition to growing up I saw my mom and my grandma giving injections to sick people and I was fascinated by seeing them help other people. I was also curious to help my mom but she would always say that I was too small to help them out. Also it was really fascinating how they knew where to properly inject the needle in peoples body and also taking precauti...

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... the people that you hardly talk to they are the ones that tend to care for you. When you feel this way it feels like if you have known these people since when and this feeling is extraordinary because you feel loved and someone that cares for you. By what I was impact on I impact my friends and people around me by helping them overcome some problems they may have. Also I try to bond more with them by also talking to them my experience on this awesome program that I am in and how it help me through out my junior through senior year. I also persuade them that talking their problems out can help them relax and think things out because this helps you be a better person and also an understanding person. I always help my friends with any thing they need and I also try to make them feel like if I was someone from their family that cares how they are and how they are doing.

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