Personal Statement : My Personal Goals Essay

Personal Statement : My Personal Goals Essay

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My Purpose Paper
My personal purpose statement is to pursue success through customer satisfaction using my restorative, intellection and futuristic strength themes. My top personal goal is to be able to be successful. Along with that, I want to be able to form relationships and bonds that last a lifetime with genuine people who have my best interest at heart. I want to be able to be content with every aspect of my life and not constantly doubt myself or my abilities. My top career goal is to be a lodging manager at a well-known hotel or resort who is constantly validated for their work and efforts to keep the hotel/resort running smoothly. Additionally, my personal educational goal is to obtain my A.S in Hospitality at Valencia and direct connect to UCF for my bachelor’s degree at Rosen, which is their college for Hospitality Management.
Success is very important to me. It is my top personal goal in life and can be applicable to anything. I strive to succeed in everything I do. Success is related to my personal purpose statement because my main goal is to pursue success. Although th...

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Personal Statement : My Personal Goals Essay

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