Essay about Personal Statement : My Own Car

Essay about Personal Statement : My Own Car

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Having my own car was one of my biggest wishes when I was a kid. All of my friends were at the same age as mine, and they had their own cars before even getting their driving licenses. That is common in my culture, but it also depends on our parents if they wanted to give us a car or not. As a fifteen year old kid, I really wanted to have my own car so bad especially after seeing all of my friends having their own. Arguing with my father to get me a car was in my daily routine and I had never stopped trying. Every time I argue with my father he tells me “I’m not giving you a car not because you are different than your friends, because this is for your advantage and you will remember my words someday.” To be honest I thought that my dad was just ignoring me just to not give me a car and that was driving me mad.
My strong desire of having a car made me do something foolish that I wont ever forget and really taught me a lesson. One day I woke up feeling wonderful in a beautiful morning while my whole family was gathering for lunch. I went to them and started chattering with my father. While we were talking, my friend Rashed called me. Every time my friends call I know that they want to hang out and have a good time together, and that is what Rashed was calling about. Going out on that beautiful day was going to make the day even more better, so I asked my father nicely if I could go out with Rashed and have a good time, and he said that I can go. Here is when the action begins; Rashed calls me again to tell me that we can’t go out because his brother has taken his car. I went to my father to ask him if I could take his car while I was pretty sure he would not give it to me. I asked him, and suddenly, I was surprised from my father’s ...

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... asking myself why my father is not mad and why he did not stop me while I was driving. It took him just few seconds and he arrived, I was waiting to get beaten up really hard, but instead, he looked it me and he told me “didn’t I tell you that you will remember my words someday?” Without feeling myself, my tears began to fall down and I started running towards him asking him to forgive me, he told me “now do you know why I wouldn’t buy you a car? I will forgive you if you promise me that you do not tell me again that you want your own car.” After that incident, I really knew what my father was trying to explain to me all that time, I was really happy that my father actually cared about me more than the car and he was scared of me getting hurt. That incident will always be in my memories because it taught me that parents know what is best and safe for their own kids.

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