Personal Statement : My Life Mission Essay

Personal Statement : My Life Mission Essay

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Life Mission Statement
My ultimate life mission is to be able to say that I’ve accomplished or fulfilled God 's purpose for my life here on earth.
What am I about?
I am about love and forgiveness. "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you" (Ephesians 4:32). At a young age, my father instilled in me the power of love and forgiveness; he taught these things in word and also through his actions.
What are the character qualities I would like to emulate?
I would like to emulate humility, patience, and self-control. I fall short in these areas and I hope to fully possess these qualities in the future.
What legacy do I want to leave?
I hope to inspire others to love and be kind to not only themselves but others as well. I would also like to leave a legacy redefining the meaning of beauty. Promoting positive self and body image is a huge passion; I hope to inspire others through the life that I 've lived and through my work (blog and photography). Growing up, I was viciously ridiculed for having dark skin, for being chubby, and for being African. I went through years of depression and self-hate, feeling unworthy of life. I decided to cry out to the Lord for His intervention in my life.
About a year the Lord starting assuring me of how worthy I am in His eyes. As he was worked on my self-esteem, I decided to shave my head nearly bald and unapologetically “force” myself to love who I am without hiding behind anything. In doing so, my self-worth was not only restored but this act of boldness inspired so many young women around me. I want the life I live to be an inspiration to many.

What do I want to have that I feel is important?
I want to have an unwavering faith in Lord; to ...

... middle of paper ...

...happiness/love in the Lord and also that we are doubtlessly satisfied with what we’re doing here on earth.
• Possible life goals for me are to love God and also love and inspire others.
In summation, my mission in life is to exude the love of God into others. I want to inspire others to reach their full potential in life and also see how valuable they are here on earth. My desire is that people will come to knowledge of God and serve Him with all of their hearts. I also stated that I desire to fully obtain humility, patience, and self-control. I hope to redefine the true meaning of beauty and help people fine true happiness. I am greatly satisfied when I am able to bring joy into other people’s lives; I want the life that I live to be an inspiration to others. Lastly, I desire to sincerely say that I have completed the work that I’ve destined to do here on earth.

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