Personal Statement : My Interview Essay

Personal Statement : My Interview Essay

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For my interview I interviewed Rebecca Claus. Mrs. Claus is a Kindergarten teacher at Donaldson Elementary school. I interviewed Mrs. Claus because she has twenty-four years of experience and truly cares about her career. I have had the opportunity to go into her classroom and observe her teaching, so I knew that she encouraged language development in her classroom everyday. From interviewing Mrs. Claus, I found out an abundance of useful information that will help me one day be a better teacher.
One question I asked was, “How do you encourage children to engage in language in your classroom?” I think it is interest how she has the children answer her questions with a complete sentence. When I was younger all my teachers would ask questions like, “How many days until Halloween?” They always accepted our answers when we answered with one word answers like, but Mrs. Claus expects more from her students. When she asks a question like, “How many days until Halloween?” The student would answer with, “There are three days until Halloween.” This encourages children to use complete sentences...

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