Personal Statement : My Heart Essay

Personal Statement : My Heart Essay

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Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile”
My motto of my life was always listen to your heart no matter what the situation be. The heart is at the left side but people say though it is placed on the left side, it is always right but why my life got messed up simply because I followed what my heart said. Do you know, it’s your heart that often put in trouble and the mind is the one that always try to take you out of the difficult situation? This might be opposite to some people though. But in my case I have always ended in critical situation just for listening my heart.
Actually I’m tired of thinking and making any decision with my heart. I quit it few days ago. Every time I had listened to my heart, I was in trouble. Some body always got benefitted because of my wrong decisions and all that credit goes to my stupid heart. I am a very sensitive person and I can get melt easily. But the world is full of selfish people. The way you think about other is so much different than the way other people think about you and I am no more surprised about this fact.
I literally spent my five years trying to build someone career. Those past years I forgot about my dreams, less focused on my interests and gave more time for that person happiness. I even abort my child for the sake of that person. You guys might think what kind of heart I have but yes I mentioned earlier also , I have a stupid heart that always think of other people feelings rather than mine own. I was not willing to abort my child. We were both students and we didn’t have enough money to afford baby. We had a little conversation after we found out that we were pregnant. Actually he was at work when I did my pregnancy test. I called him immediately to give him a good news. ...

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... him in every breathe I took but now no more listening to my heart. Let my brain function this time and my brain says he does not deserve my pure love. Actually I deserve someone who will put smile on my face and who dare to ruin my lipsticks not my mascara.
Now we are fighting for who is going to pay how much debts but is this fight really worthwhile. Why did he ruin my beautiful dreams? Why did he break my heart into pieces? Simply being woman, my life means nothing and because he is the “Man “he has every privilege to ruin my life. Truly speaking I don’t want to get divorce but how can I forget that this is a man’s world and I have no right to make decision of my life because I am the woman and he is the man.
I’m still saying does this fight really worthwhile. Eventually we will be apart from each other and the hate will overcome the love for the rest of our life.

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