Personal Statement : My Heart Is Warm Essay

Personal Statement : My Heart Is Warm Essay

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With tears in everyone’s eyes and in each others arms. My heart is warm because I think back to where we all started over four years prior to this moment. I cannot recall the first day of practice; which is probably a mix between blocking it out because of embarrassment, and also it just being one of hundreds of practices I have attend over the last four years. Some how though, Sara, Sami, and I became better friends over that first year. We had always been friends but this time was different. Now we spent two hours a night and seventy two hours on the weekends together. So basically we were stuck together and thankfully we liked each other.
Sara and I grew up as neighbors. Neighbors being a relative term meaning that she lived about a mile down the road from me. Fortunately her dad worked for my parents, which meant we got to spend plenty of time building forts, playing vet, and getting into all sorts of trouble. Our main bond growing up was our love for figure skating. Everyday before school, we would wake up before the sun to get to practice. Sunday’s we would quickly lose our church clothes and lace up our skates to hit the ice. We traveled far and wide to skating competitions. Leveling up, throwing new jumps, and hiding from our coaches in the bathrooms was our lives until high school. Unfortunately, figure skating and varsity sports schedules do not mix. Lucky for us our friendship extended outside of the rink.
Sami was the quiet one in a group of fifteen girls who all had personalities one bigger than the next. Until high school she was a follower. She was homeschooled until sixth grade and came into public school as an underdog. Sami was sweet and shy, but she was liked by everyone. In high school...

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...s. As anyone can imagine we do not see each other very often.
This picture was taken after we all finished our final race. We had come to the realization that whatever the score board said did not matter. What did matter was each other. Ski racing had been about the people who held us when we had frost bite. It was about the friends that would help grab our skis and poles when one of us would wrecked and could not get up. It was about the long bus rides of play “What are the odds.” It was about renting houses and skiing so much we thought our legs would fall off. It was about spending more time with each other than we did with our own families. So it was only right to cross the finish line one final time together. Holding hands Darby and I trying to slow Sami down, Gabriella and Sara on the ends laughing, it is a candid moment that I will never forget.

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