Essay Personal Statement : My Family / Emergency / Surgery

Essay Personal Statement : My Family / Emergency / Surgery

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All it takes is one person, one patient to change your life forever.

The first paragraph should introduce the reader to you (Who Am I?).


My parents were both employed by the Young Medical Team Associations; a Non-Governmental Organization founded by volunteers through the devastating war since 1980, to help with the war victims and wounded patients in borders of Iran, the main spots of attacks. Their brave attempts to save lives, in the whirlwind of noise and fuel fumes, during the dark nights of cruel war stroked the first sparks of my passion towards helping people and bringing remarkable changes to their lives.

The impressive life of Dr Albert Schweitzer, a biography from the History Builders’ Series! Living in west central Africa, dedicating his life to African children and families. He became my hero.

My interest in radiology was initiated during my second year of clinical clerkship while I was participating in an elective. I had the opportunity to visit the radiology department frequently to attend clinical and didactic lectures which I continued even after the elective ended because of my newly developed interest. During these visits I was captivated by the use of the incredible variety of imaging techniques for solving diagnostic problems as well as the ability to work closely with physicians in various specialties. I became inspired by the radiologists’ breadth and depth of knowledge to link clinical and imaging findings in order to generate a comprehensive accurate differential diagnosis. I still remember how excited I was after attending a lecture by Dr. Mahyar from the Neuroradiology Division of the Department of Radiology at our medica...

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...f settings, including the emergency ward, disaster relief, and government and private outpatient clinics, I feel confident that I will be an asset to the province of Manitoba and its patients. Furthermore, I am certain that the requisite year of comprehensive training will help me to enhance my existing knowledge, and to address my specific learning needs in the Manitoba medical system. I am passionate about patient care, and hope to make a positive impact on the health and welfare of Manitoba families, as a highly qualified and proficient primary care physician.

I believe that if there is one who deserves it, it is me. This would be the validation of all my hard works and sacrifices.

I am the believer of “Success comes to those who preserve”. I have tried consistently

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”

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