Essay Personal Statement : My Dearest Claire

Essay Personal Statement : My Dearest Claire

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My dearest Claire,

How can I explain what you mean to me? How can I tell you what’s in my heart when words are so inadequate? Can you understand how I feel about you, or will you just think I’m ridiculous? Do you even care?

I think about you all the time. You are my first thought when I wake and the last thought before I sleep. I often think about how happy I feel when you are with me and what it would be like if you felt the same way about me. Sometimes I am so preoccupied with thoughts of you that I struggle to concentrate on anything else. I enjoy thinking about you Bunny; however, you are a vexing paradox to me. I feel so fortunate to have found someone so amazing, but I also feel like a hapless fool unable to win your affection.

Claire you don’t fit in with most people, you are too different, you are extraordinary. You are a singular diamond among banal lumps of coal; your sophisticated wit, indescribable beauty, and uncommon compassion are only a few of the virtues that make you precious. You are often underappreciated by others, they don’t see you as I do. Their dull eyes are unable to penetrate the thin layer of coal dust shrouding you, disguising you as like the others, but your brilliance shines brightly when the light of my eyes are cast upon you. I see how amazing you are and that makes me feel special.

I find your personality so incredibly intriguing, one unlike any woman I have ever met. Your personality is so unique and quirky that it is difficult to put into words, but it’s refreshing and very addicting. Your idiosyncrasies are so charming and cute. How could I not adore your early morning cravings for water, your irrational fears of the littlest things, how you skip instead walk, or how ticklish you are? I...

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... can see you, I can talk to you, but I cannot hold onto you.

My heart cannot let go of you. I tried to let you go before when I first told you that I couldn’t see you anymore because of the way I feel about you. But my heart would not let you go. Since that time I’ve tried to let you go once more, but I couldn’t. My feelings for you have grown stronger with time, and so too has the burden of sadness, of knowing that you don’t have feelings for me. My heart bleeds now as I feel you growing more distant as your interest in me wanes. I cannot continue harboring these feelings for you and endure the growing emptiness I feel knowing they aren’t reciprocated. It is so difficult to write these words. So I say goodbye to you sweet Bunny. I will always be grateful for having had the pleasure of knowing you, I will never forget you, and I will miss you, in fact I already do.

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