Personal Statement : My Church Visit Essay

Personal Statement : My Church Visit Essay

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For my church visit I went to an 11:30 church service on November 16th at a church called Willamette Christian Church with one of my best friends Shelby. It was a non-denominational church with a large amount of attendees. At first when we came into the church service we both felt that we had just walked into a concert, the lights were off, there was a massive amount of people, it was in a gymnasium, and it had no religious symbols besides the lightshow of crosses behind the band. The band was fantastic they seemed like a real christian rock band, which was a huge change from my church with elderly people that are so deaf they would not be able to tell the difference between a fire alarm and a cow bell. The band probably played about three songs for a span of 15-20 minutes while people mosied on in from getting their caffeine fix from the friendly neighborhood starbucks about a five minute walk away.
Eventually the church service commenced with a large projection of a pre recorded video with the church announcements. This was followed by the greetings in which we awkwardly shake ...

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