Personal Statement : My Brothers And Sister Essay

Personal Statement : My Brothers And Sister Essay

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My Siblings
My brothers and sister are the best motivation to me. It is not every day that we get along but when we do then it is a good day. Every day they make me want do better, not only for myself but for my mom and them also. They encourage me to do better now so that my future is bright later on. Family is always the best to have on your team especially for their support because they genuinely mean it and you know that it is coming from their heart. I know I can count on all my brothers and sister to be there for me when no one else is because they are family. I hate that they are growing every day and getting older to experience the real life. I hope even later on they will all still support me and we will not drift apart like I know some families go through. Even though there are six of them it is important to me to be involved with all them. I love my siblings and my mom with all my heart and I am thankful for them every single day. I wouldn’t know what to do without them in my life, they are the most important to me because they are my own flesh and blood.
My Best Friend and Boyfriend
Anthony Nguyen is not only my boyfriend he is also my best friend. He supports me fully with every decision that I make for myself. He listens to me every time I have something to say. I know I have his attention always because he tells me every day. I know like my family, I can always count on him for the big and little things in life. He supports me physically and emotionally. I can talk to him the way I would talk to my girl best friend. I know I can talk to him and tell him things that are private to me and he won’t go opening his mouth to his friends. I am fully comfortable with him finally and I love that I can be myself with him ever...

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... When you first look at her she looks kind of silly because her bottom teeth just stick out. I don’t know what kind of dog she is but I love the way her fur looks. Junior didn’t come along till later, Anthony’s mom bought junior from a friend and he is a smoky grey Pitbull. They got junior before they moved houses so he was still a baby. Now he is 5 months. A week ago he got out of the gate and he was lost for about two days but then we found him thankfully. Junior likes napping with Anthony’s mom, he loves eating fruit loops and he loves Pattycake. I love his fur color and how he is so tiny right now. I know he is going to get a little bigger and right now he is going through a teething stage which is cute but it has the yard tore up. Both of these dog are wonderful and I love that they are so sweet and playful. Even though they are not my dogs I still cherish them.

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