Personal Statement : Mom And I Decided Essay

Personal Statement : Mom And I Decided Essay

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Mom and I decided that for her to move on with her life, she would need to sell the home that she and dad shared for over 40 years. Too, we are still waiting for dad’s body to be released to us. It’s been nearly a month and we have been assured that his body will be released to us soon. I am having difficulty getting more information because of my involvement with Coleton but I’m hoping that mother and I can get some closure.
Mom and I are having difficulty sleeping because we don’t know if there are others in this drug ring that have not been captured. We will not be able to fully move on until we have all the answers.
A few days later, I was contacted by the Chief Officer of my father’s case. He is ready to release the body to us. They said they have everything they need. He also told me that he believes that Dad’s intentions were to capture and put away the drug gang but he got in above his head when he developed a drug problem.
Robert and Washington knew about his problems with drugs and alcohol and threatened to expose him if he didn’t use his powers as a Judge to keep them out of jail.
This is why Robert and Washington were able to get away with pushing drugs on the streets and acting as pimps.
Detective Wallace said, “Your father was a victim of circumstances that got way out of control.”
This news made me feel better but sad at the same time. It showed my father to have a vulnerability that we all have in the right situation or the wrong situation in this case.
Nevertheless, it will be sometime, before things will be normal for mom and me. I was told that I will probably have to provide testimony because even though I don’t believe that I have any information that can help them, I probably do and don’t real...

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...ttorney has told me that his word over mine will mean nothing but he said he could offer proof.
My attorney has assured me that this is just desperate talk. I hope so because I sure don’t want to leave mom alone. Although, I believe that mom is stronger than I am because I don’t believe that I could have withstood all that she did and still smile and go on like nothing as happened.
The coming months will be challenging for me but I will put one step in front of the other and get through it.
Mom has assured me that she will be right there in court with me and she has said that she knows that the Lord has forgiven my stupidity and she says, “The Lord Always Protects Fools and Children.” She said if you don’t believe that just look at me and you will have your answer. I am still standing and I am a little tethered but I am doing fine. We will be fine, mom said.

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