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Lynnsey Tabor was born on April 30th 2002. She had brown hair and blue eyes. When she was younger, she was the nicest and the sweetest girl without a care in the world. She was a lot like me. Always with the guys and hated the prissy girls. She would always go to her grandpa’s house on her dad’s side of the family and all of her cousins were boys. So, she would always do the things they did, such as Legos, batman, video games and Youtube. She was a lot like me in some of those ways. She’s my sister, we have the same biological mom. When she was five or so her parents got divorced. She lives in Indian Trail near Charlotte. I was adopted because my biological mom, Kristen, was seventeen then. My mom now is technically my aunt, but I just think of her as my real mom. My dad died when I was in fourth grade and I don’t know who my real dad is. Up until last year she always handled all the bad things pretty well. Just like I do, just ignore it, try to get over it, and pretend to be happy. When she was in second grade her dad took her brother Alex and moved to Asheboro. At one time her dad said that he loved Alex more than her. Then he got married and she already had 2 kids too. When Lynnsey was younger her step mom would hit her. She would also do stuff like: give her less food; put a lot of salt in hers; and would give her original flavor oatmeal while everyone else had strawberry or blueberry. But as always she got away with it because there wasn’t enough evidence and her dad didn’t believe her. She says that she has changed, but there is still obviously the favoritism. Also her step sister is so fake and mean to her (especially when her friends are around) by talking about her and ditching her. Then Kristen got married and had ... ... middle of paper ... ... “Get out of the way, your mom is trying to get in!” This other time Kristen said “Alex, come down stairs.” He then barreled down the stairs making sure the neighbors could hear it too. “What?” he said. Kristen, while pointing at the trash can said, “Can you please take out the trash?” Alex said, “What trash?” So now every time someone says something or does something dumb we always say what do ya mean? For example if someone doesn’t use their turn signal, Kristen would say something like, “What do ya mean use your turn signal?” “You mean there’s a switch on my steering wheel to do that?” For the other one it’s pretty much the same thing except you would say “What turn signal?” Always making sure that you exaggerate it. Then there are different voices for different people that you say it in. Now at least I know why im so weird and where I get my sense of humor from.

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