Essay about Personal Statement For Pursue Legal Law

Essay about Personal Statement For Pursue Legal Law

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I became interested in pursuing legal education in high school, when I took law courses in grade 11 and 12 that illustrated to me the significance of legal professionals to society 's stability and justice. To get a get a better understanding about the legal sphere, I enrolled in co-operative education where I was assigned to Levy Law Professional Corporation for the placement. I immediately blended into the environment and started to excel at my tasks. After my co-operative education placement came to a conclusion, the managing partner at Levy Law offered me an employment opportunity for my excellent performance. Throughout my employment at Levy Law I have been exposed to various legal proceedings associated with the personal injury sphere that helped me to develop variety of skills, including critical reading abilities, writing skills, oral communication, listening abilities, research skills, time management and task organization skills. Aside from obtaining an important skill set, I was able to witness legal professionals in action who added onto my interest to pursue legal education.
With my mind set on becoming a legal professional, I enrolled in Business & Society program at York University that exposed me to various social issues, proceedings and organization of various legal institutions, global issues as well as the operation of global and domestic economies. I came to learn how important the legal system is to the sustainability of society as it is essential in upholding contracts, human rights, operation of organizations, and most importantly justice. I am really interested in studying law at Queen 's University as aside from providing highly regarded education, Queen 's law provides clinical education where I would b...

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...hink that the skill set acquired throughout my academic career, employment at a law firm and athletic activities will help me to succeed in law school.
Aside from personal, professional and extracurricular accomplishments, I will add onto Queen 's diversity. I came to Canada from Belarus at the age of 12 years and had to successfully overcome a lot of hardships as an immigrant. Although I came to Canada at a relatively advanced age, I have adopted and integrated into a new society that has now become my home. I was able to complete middle school, high school and three years of university through overcoming challenges such as new customs, a new language, and a new educational system. Throughout my presence in Canada, I have constantly worked on myself to become a competitive student who would ensure the acquirement of needed education in becoming a legal professional.

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