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Personal Statement For Post Secondary Education Essays

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It’s a single word that evokes a vast range of emotions and meanings to different people, but to me it’s a word that I often associate with my grandfather. As an Italian immigrant, who came to Canada with nothing but twenty cents in his pocket, my grandfather has always been a source of inspiration for me. One evening, while discussing my plans for post-secondary school, he told me: “Be successful, Adriana.” At the time, I was filled with confusion. Be successful? I laughed. “How exactly can I do that, Nonno?” Instead of answering me directly, he just smiled and winked at me. “That’s something only you can discover.”

Now, it wasn 't until I was in the process of applying for post-secondary education that I fully grasped the powerful message his words imparted to me. Fortunately, I won 't leave you in suspense; it was confidence in my abilities. While my grandfather’s words were simple, fitting in the moment, the hidden message still resounds in my life today. It is only now, at the age of twenty-one, that I truly recognize the profound effect my grandfather’s words not only had on me as an individual but also on my outlook of the world. His words taught me that success is completely subjective, but it functions entirely on one’s confidence. Until that point, I had believed that I should be devoting my time into subjects, like biology and mathematics, necessary for successful careers. Looking back, I realize that I was doing a disservice to myself. Why? Well, I knew, even in high school, that I loved to read and write. The sciences leave little room for creativity or unique interpretation, and that wasn 't me. So, with confidence that my passion for writing — my ideas — can lead to my interpretation of success, I purs...

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...onfidence that my grandfather instilled in me to strive for personal success with my unique passions and interests in life. These years as an English undergraduate have equipped me with a range of fundamental tools to help me excel in law school, like critical reading skills, communication skills, and listening skills. However, it is ultimately my confidence in my passion writing that facilitates this desire to achieve my goal. So, here I am, determined to pursue my dream of a legal education at the University of Toronto. Now, instead of uncertainty, I have a firm vision of my future in the field of law. With my love for learning, reading, and writing, the possibilities awaiting me at the University of Toronto is a journey I hope to embark on because, with the right attitude, a willingness to learn and a resolve to succeed, I believe I can be successful in law school.

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