Personal Statement for ICT Specialist in Computer Science

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I first discovered my passion for computers in 1999, when we bought our first household PC. I remember sitting down on occasions waiting for Windows 98 to boot up and the dialup modem to connect to the internet. Although this almost now seems primitive, that technology caused my enthusiasm to understand the inside workings of computers to spark. Since then, I have striven to broaden my knowledge and skills in this area in any way possible. The world of technology has always intrigued me, from the operation of microprocessors to the complex programming behind hardware and software. My desire to understand how these function has led to my intention to undertake a course in Computer Science, and I have taken every available opportunity through school and college to further my knowledge in the subject. My choices for GCSE and A Level reflect on the course I wish to pursue. At GCSE, as the closest subject to computing offered by my college, I chose ICT to continue to improve my abilities and knowledge in computers. Taking this course turned out to show both my commitment to my education...

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