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Personal Statement For Fellow Students Essay

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So, share and discuss two ideas or suggestions from your experience this semester to assist fellow students in MAXIMIZING their STUDY environment.
I work full time as an RN in a CCU unit, single mother of a beautiful 6 years old girl and across the world from home. It gets lonely and stressful at times, but having a big planner helped me a lot. It costs like 6 dollars in Walmart and its big with enough space to write down assignment due dates. I would circle the days I must work, so sometimes I had to work on the assignments way before due dates. I even wrote down the appointments for me and my daughter in the planner. This way if there is any day when I don’t have work, school or homework, I would take her out or watch movies at home.
No matter how busy I was, one day a week I always separated for assignment free, work free and did the laundry, cleaning, grocery and daughter’s gymnastics. This day is a different kind of hectic but not stressful. I do my assignment or readings when my daughter is at school mostly or after she is in bed. After she gets off work, I help her with her homework prepare dinner and snacks. However, it might sound busy or hectic, but it is very doable.

The next phase of the Discussion Question pertains to Recruitment and Retention of Registered Nurses.
Address the following questions with references.
1. Discuss two factors related the recruitment and retention in nursing.
Most healthcare executives view staff as an expense and in times of financial constraint as is currently the state, watch the personnel budget line very closely (Nevidjon & Erickson, 2001). It is key that executives reframe how they see staff, all staff. Rather than viewing staff as an expense, seeing them as any asset on the balance...

... middle of paper ...

...ed up to 50,000 dollars. The director of my unit put up critical care classes to help new graduates understand the disease processes of unit patients. Seniority nurses have better schedules. If you pass your CCRN, they even give you a raise for the. I think my facility is doing its best.

5. In your opinion, are these measures for recruitment and retention effective?
I believe my unit is doing its best in retaining their nurses. The new director is great and he is a great nurses advocate for the hospital. People who hate travelling mostly stay at their position. Money is the main problem sometimes, as many nurses get their 1 year experience and goes for travel nurse position which they must work 50 miles away from their address and make double the money. The sad part is that they are on contract, so they have their schedule picked, hours picked and get well paid.

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