Essay on Personal Statement for Academic Career

Essay on Personal Statement for Academic Career

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It was quite a strange decision in my friends view to take commerce and economics in my O & A levels respectively, as my major subjects were mathematics and physics. Yes a strange decision for many, but not for me. From the days of my secondary education my goals were crystal clear;I wanted to merge technology with management.I believe that having a technical knowledge is very important in taking a leadership role successfully, so I kept my science subjects all the way. So I took admission in Electrical Engineering at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.
I see a great potential of taking a leadership role in myself because throughout my life I was able to take decisions in difficult situations and strive hard to make that decision a quality one.In almost all the groups I was in my academic career, I was the team lead, but whether I am a team lead or not I enjoy giving presentations and speak on behalf of my group. The other group members saw me as someone who could represent them, they saw me as a person who could attend well and speak on their behalf. I always gave most of the group presentations especially in my final year project group where I gave more than half of them. Istarted debating from class 6th and kept doing it till I started my undergraduate. I learned how to read, how to use that reading in your writing and than give a perfect speech. In my undergraduate studies, I optimized my skills in giving presentation, which is so essential when you dream to be a successful leader. During my engineering I got the pleasure of learning management from a certified project manager, who is currently running the “PLAN 9” which is the biggest tech incubators in Pakistan. He taught us how the project is managed, wha...

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...iques in solving complex business problems. I learned basics of strategy formulation in my undergraduate course “Engineering Management” which includes elements of corporate strategy, difference between tactical and strategic plans, organizational variance, strategic ownership, strategic development process and difference between alliances and joint venture. That course also let us discovers some strategic tools and techniques which include value analysis, market analysis, financial analysis, gap analysis and MBO.My fundamental understanding of strategy formulation will help me in coping with these courses a lot better and I will be able to maximize my output in these tracks specially.
Another fascinating programme course is “software and application innovation”. My knowledge of programming and computer aided design will benefit me in making full use of this path.

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