Essay about Personal Statement For A Counselor

Essay about Personal Statement For A Counselor

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III. Aspirations
A. Comment at length regarding why you want to receive preparation as a counselor.
I want to retrieve preparation as a school counselor because it would be very rewarding career. High school was a crucial point in my life because there were many teachers, coaches, and counselors that were vital toward my development. Many of these faculty members became role models and major inspirations to me. My counselor in high school was particularly inspiring to me because he connected with me, coached me in athletics, and guided me toward success. I would like to pursue a career as a high school counselor to because it would be immensely rewarding to make a difference in young people’s lives similar to the way it was made on mine.
Additionally, a career in guidance counseling at the high school level would provide me with an opportunity to coach the sports that I am most passionate about. Coaching football and wrestling would provide me with another opportunity to make a major impact on young people’s lives. I witnessed firsthand how impactful these sports could be for students because I went to a high school in a neighborhood where street gangs were present. Gratefully, my coaches were instrumental in keeping the athletes disciplined and out of trouble. Despite the coaching staffs best efforts they could not reach everyone. A teammate of mine from football had rebelled against the coaching staff, left the team, and joined a gang shorty after. Unfortunately a few years later he was gunned down by a rival gang-member just blocks away from our high school. Events like this illustrate the importance of extracurricular activities for young students.
B. Comment at length regarding three major goals that are important...

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...helpful for a high school counselor to have is a sense of humor. A sense of humor can be a major asset in connecting with a student and gaining their trust. A reason that my counselor was so effective was because he was able to be amusing while providing sincere advice.
C. A master’s degree will require the dedication of time and energy. What factors or commitments exist which will make completion of this degree difficult? Given these other factors and commitments, what steps will you take to integrate the counseling training program with other life demands?

D. Discuss which of your values could cause the greatest conflict with client’s
behaviors, decisions, or lifestyles.

E. What personal qualities are needed for students/counselors-in-training to benefit from the entire graduate experience, including classroom instruction and supervision of their counseling?

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