Essay on Personal Statement : Dental Hygiene

Essay on Personal Statement : Dental Hygiene

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The career I am currently pursuing is Dental Hygiene. I chose this career in senior year of high school. My algebra teacher inspired me to choose this career path. I always visited with her after class, for she was my favorite teacher and I learned a great deal from her. One day while visiting her, she spoke about her husband and her two dogs. Her husband was a dental hygienist, and she recommended me to explore further into that career if I could not think of one myself by the completion of senior year. I eventually did consider it, but I decided to become a dentist instead because of the pay. I told her about my decision and she supported me, but was not pleased by my decision since dentistry was prone to take over lots of my life. The pay seemed certainly excellent but I did not know if it was actually worth my time. After learning how complex dentistry was likely to be, I settled for becoming a dentist hygienist.
There are numerous specific skills that are required for this profession such as, critical thinking, active listening, good communication and reading comprehension. A dental hygienist should have an outgoing and incredibly friendly personalities. They can also be quiet but should be able to speak frequently. Hygienist value relationships, I personally know this because my family and I are fairly close to my hygienist. Besides relationships, independence and support are also important. Overall, hygienists can be greatly social and realistic. They should also be observant and know the contrast between clean teeth or teeth that needs to be worked on. After they figure that out they decide the amount of necessary cleaning that has to be done.
In Tulsa Community College, I must complete 88 total credit hours. The tot...

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...other state as I plan on moving to another state to obtain a preferable pay.
“A dentist hygienist earns an average salary of $71,530 in 2013” (Bratcher, Emily). Typically around thirty dollars, no less. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment will increase to 33 percent by 2022. It is necessary that people take a trip to the dentist to make sure one does not have any cavities or to have a tooth removed. It is also essentially important to keep up with oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is essentially important since it is professional and healthy. Having clean and pearly white teeth are socially attractive. It attracts people’s attention and inspires people to have white and clean teeth also. Dental hygiene is a demand, especially for people who get new health insurance. As the population also grows, there will always be a demand for dental hygienists.

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