Essay about Personal Statement : Communication Goal

Essay about Personal Statement : Communication Goal

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Through this course I got knowledge of how people communicate and how people could communicate more effectively. According to the book interpersonal communication “the exchange of symbols used, at least in part, in the joint pursuit of interpersonal goals” (Canary, Cody, & Manusov, p. 4). When people want to communicate they must have a goal to achieve. The textbook defines communication goal as the “state a communicator wants to achieve” (Canary, Cody, & Manusov, p. 9). It is important that each individual implicated in a conversation has his or her goal or goals well established. It will help people to achieve their goal easily. I have learned that I have to have a specific goal to communicate. Some times I began a conversation or discussion with a goal and I finish without reaching my goal. Before I began this course I easily change of theme and I lose my main goal that I want to achieve or communicate.
I remember one time when I was working in a restaurant, I got feedback from a co-worker. He told me that I should go back to my country because I as Mexican was taking white people their jobs. Months later he apologized to me and told me that he had made a mistake. I think his feedback was base on prejudice some people have about Mexicans. Stereotype is the categorization about people based on membership in a group (Canary, Cody, & Manusov, p. 139). My coworker based his feedback in the stereotype in which Mexican have been placed. Now the feedback that I get from others about their perception of me is that I am a very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful woman. Everyday at work I try to be very positive and I like to transmit hope to the people around me. I also like to help people when they ask for it.
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... identify conflicts and I will help to solve or minimize them. More over, I am a better communicator because now I set up my goals of the messages I want to transmit, in order to have a more effective communication. It also will help me with people that have a different style of mine. If a person has their goals well established he or she would not have problem with people who lack effective communication skills because through their message they can change the way they think. With the knowledge we got in this course we can communicate with people who have different values or believes because we have learned the fundamentals of verbal messages. We also have learned that during a conversation we could change topics to get more information about others. The main point is that we as effective communicators must have our goals well established in order to achieve them.

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