Personal Statement : Child Protective Services Essays

Personal Statement : Child Protective Services Essays

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For every decision, you make there’s a lesson to learn from it. Life lessons have their ups and downs, like getting custody of my two nieces and having children. But it wasn’t until I reached adulthood, that I realized how impactful the decision to get custody of my nieces was.

It all started twenty-six years ago at the age of seventeen when I decided to get custody of my nieces. Their mom, my sister Rhonda was addicted to drugs, and someone had called Child Protective Services on her. An investigation was done, and due to it, I was emancipated and given custody of my two nieces. Everyone attempted to talk me out of it, but I never thought twice about it. I felt it was my obligation to care for them. Raising my nieces was challenging, especially since I was still a child myself. I had bad models of how to be a parent. So, everything I learned was hands- on experiences, and I made a lot of mistakes. In the start, I desired to spend every minute with them. I neglected my school work and ended up dropping out of school my senior years, prior to graduation.

I needed money due to my added responsibility, so I had to get a job, and although I was receiving public assistance, the requirement for public assistance was to be a full time- student or work part time for my medical and food stamp benefits. I still couldn’t spend much time with my nieces anyway. I absolutely should have stayed in school! Financially things were getting harder and harder. The job wasn’t enough to pay for all the financial needs to raise children. On top of being the job from hell. I would wake up four in the morning to take the young ladies to the daycare by 7:30. Next, I had to take an hour- and -a half bus ride to get to work. My duties were to run a cash r...

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...teenager made me get up before my time, but it was totally worth it. Watching my kids graduate from high school and college and even get married is such a bitter sweet long road of anguish, heartbreak, passion, and victory.
One thing I discovered throughout my journey is to dwell with the decisions I made. I expected at my past as a lesson and learned from it. I learned to raise children is challenging; it tested my patience and was overwhelming and unbearable at times. I learned to endure because of the love I had for my children. My children helped me be a fuller model of myself.
Somebody once said to me; “No matter who tries to instruct you about life, you won’t realize it until you exit through it on your own.”
I have discovered that life throws you curve balls when you are expecting fastballs. If you are open minded and maintain a positive mindset, you can su

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