Personal Statement : Being Immortal Essay example

Personal Statement : Being Immortal Essay example

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Being immortal; that just sounds like science fiction, and totally surreal. Isn’t it interesting, books, even words on paper, can last longer than a human life. It is one way we can pass down our legacy. And hopefully the younger generation will be able to learn from our mistakes. But, that would mean, we’d have to understand how to communicate effectively through our writing. Sadly, putting the ABC’s together to form words, is slightly more difficult than it seems. Unfortunately for me, writing isn’t my passion, rather it feels more of a chore, so I am unsure whether I effectively express myself to others. Even if it is just another task to check off, on my overpacked to-do list, I know I’d be able to enjoy it more if it is related to something I love.
To begin with, I believe I took writing seriously in my high school life because now my grade was on the line, and it could affect my career. In fact, I had quite a lot of time in my freshman year in Mr. Schick’s class at Mililani High School. I was taking Honors English, and I got placed in a group and we had to complete a daunting task of writing a parody script for a play from Romeo and Juliet. We not only had to write it with some humor, but we had to perform it with props and energy. Each team/grouping had to make everything needed for the skit, by themselves. Let me just say, communication was terrible. It was here, I had to learn how to delegate and trust people to do their task, and it was a stressful wait when my team members didn’t contact any member back whether they could accomplish the task or not. Even in my own tasks, I was partly self-conscious to share my parts of the script writing because I didn’t feel confident in my writing, but when I did share my idea, my t...

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... of the Lord when I share from my sermon notes and my life examples. As for my future career as a Medical Laboratory Technician, I’ll be using writing, a majority of the time, to write research papers on my data collection. As for this moment, I am hopefully using writing to my advantage to pass my classes that assign reflections or poetry or any other writing assignment. Above all, I believe writing will help me strive to do my best in all that I do, even though it may be tedious and time consuming at times. Writing allows me to have a conversation without voice, and when I do give my words breathe I am able to touch the souls of my audience. And at that moment, I am leaving my imprint on the world. A part of my existence will live on longer than my own body, and take anchor in my audience’s hearts. My legacy is born with writing. So keep dreaming, and keep writing.

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