Personal Statement : Being A Grandparent Essay

Personal Statement : Being A Grandparent Essay

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As a grandparent I would allow my children to learn as fully as they are able to learn from their kid(s) without stepping in to much. I would try to help my children identify areas that they may not be able to see in my grandchildren that are unique to him or her to help my grandchildren best develop. The skills I would want to impart on to my children would be to understand who they are, who they truly are. So that they can teach the core issues that need to be addressed. If my children have a good or decent handle on these things it will help them be able to identify it their own children. I would also like to impart balance in all areas of life to my children. I wish I would have known that all that your child goes though is okay not to be overwhelmed that not everything goes perfect. I do know that as a parent I wanted everything to go perfect and somethings I just can’t help with. Being a woman for example, my two girls will grow into women. I knew women and what my ideal woman is I even know what it is like to be a good man but from a certain perceptive I lack awareness. Awaren...

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