Essay about Personal Statement : Becoming A Teacher

Essay about Personal Statement : Becoming A Teacher

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I come from a very small, rural town, where my parents instilled many good qualities in me from such a young age. The one quality that stands out the most to me is ambition. With strong ambition, I plan on fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher, and possibly school counselor one day. My inspiration and desire to become a teacher comes from my mother, who has so much care and passion for education, and her students. She taught junior and senior high mathematics for twenty seven years, before retiring. Not only has she been an inspiration to me, but to all her students and fellow teachers as well. She is one of the main reasons I am here today.
As an educator, I want to impact lives and make a difference in this world. In chapter one of the textbook Those Who Can Teach, people were asked to select which job group provided “the most benefit to society”. Sixty-two percent of those people selected teachers (Cooper & Ryan, 2010). I want to be a part of this great profession, which is such a strong benefit to our society. I also have a strong passion for working with young adults. I feel like it is a very rewarding job, especially to help them not only academically, but socially as well. At an early age, my parents and teachers taught me to be very respectful and well-mannered. Students are not as respectful and well-mannered as used to be in my opinion. I want to encourage students to better themselves by changing that. I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else with my life other than teaching.
The many qualities and skills I was instilled with growing up will help me to be an effective teacher. With my energetic personality, I hope to make learning fun and enjoyable for students with an upbeat atmosphere. I want my studen...

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...them as well. It could also have a negative effect on their learning capabilities. To improve on these areas, I am practicing them with my school, work, and home life situations.
Teaching is no easy task, but I know it is what I am truly meant to do. With my qualities and background, I plan on staying dedicated to my job and students in the future. I want to continue to grow as an educator which is why my teaching philosophy encompasses aspects of Charlotte Danielson’s four domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. I firmly believe every student should be given the opportunity to learn and be successful. I will strive daily to make sure they know how much I care about them and their education. I strongly believe in the saying, “Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

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