Personal Statement : Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

Personal Statement : Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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Personal Statement
When I was a senior in high school, applying for colleges was something I was trying to put off. I had such a wide range of interests that I had no inclination what career path would be the right fit for me. I envied my classmates who could concisely answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” By April of my senior year, I found myself accepted to 10 different Universities in many different majors and still no clear direction. It wasn’t until meeting with faculty from different nursing schools that I became very interested in the thought of becoming a registered nurse. Speaking with anyone associated with the nursing programs, I noticed a strong sense of pride and enthusiasm that was unique to the field. The passion that these professors and faculty had for nursing and education was exactly what I was hoping to find in a profession someday. I decided to attend the University of Detroit Mercy to obtain my BSN. Since making my decision to pursue a career in nursing, I have never doubted that it was the best choice for me and I have found the same passion for my career that I was pursuing all along.
My family background has had a large impact on my motivation to succeed and continue my education in Nursing. I grew up as the only daughter in a lively house with five children. Not only did this mold me into a tom-boy, but I have always been known as one of the most competitive people among my peers. While my competitive nature may be seen as intense during a game of backyard volleyball with friends, it has been one of the reasons that I have excelled in my education and my role as a registered nurse. I am always striving to find a new challenge. I was proud to graduate Summa Cum Laude from the U...

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...octorate focuses on preparing the practitioner to apply evidence-based research into better patient care and outcomes. A combination of doctoral trained researchers and clinicians are needed to make this possible. I agree that the recommendation is important for the future of advanced practice nurses and plan to pursue my doctorate degree in the future.
My experience as a registered nurse has been fulfilling and has given me the drive to expand my skills and education as a Nurse Practitioner. I would like to work in the Primary care setting where I can be utilized as a clinician and help educate patients on health promotion and prevention. I will be dedicated to adapting to the changes in healthcare and nursing and plan to pursue a doctorate degree in the future so that I can play an important role in the progression of the Nurse Practitioner on the healthcare team.

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