Personal Statement : An Article Written By Marina Margaret Heiss Essay

Personal Statement : An Article Written By Marina Margaret Heiss Essay

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According to Jung/Meyers-Briggs personality indicator, I am introverted, sensing, feeling and judging in short ISJF. They are protectors, they primarily focus is the safety and security of those they care about. I believe that the test was fairly on target, I tend to lead my emotions by the impressions I see in the world. I’m extremely loyal to those I love and without a doubt would do almost anything for them. I find myself putting others before me and in the end I neglect my self which can manifest itself in being emotional. In an article written by Marina Margaret Heiss states,
And although they 're hurt by being treated like doormats, they are often unwilling to toot their own horns about their accomplishments because they feel that although they deserve more credit than they 're getting, it 's somehow wrong to want any sort of reward for doing work (which is supposed to be a virtue in itself).
I find this to be true I tend to be impervious to my own accomplishments and do not self-promote myself. I find that it is what I must do to be a better person and I was placed in this world to become the person my mother could not become. I tend to be taken advantage of easily because I am nice to a fault. Another is I have unexplained moods and that I can not communicate well, however the ones who truly know me understand my distress and take the steps to identify the problem.

As I engaged in this fact finding experiment many of the responses seem to follow the same pattern. I emailed the assignment to five persons that have been in my life since high school and currently. Their responses are as follows:
Friend for 12 years
Driven- Jasmin has an insatiable drive to strive for success. Success to her is one very important comp...

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...k before I react most of the time. I analyze the situation before I react on my impulse, for instance when I converse with my oldest son regarding completing his homework on time instead of going in on him. I calmly address the situation by explaining why is important to get things done early and the repercussion if not done. It seem to be more of a lasting impression over my oldest because he seemed more emotional about it than other incidents where he gets yelled at.
At the end, I take this project more to a life change than just analyzing a short period of time of change. I know that this will take a while for me to adjust to since I have been like this since a child and for my loved ones to acknowledge it seems to be affecting me in someway. I know I will face my own obstacles but I do know that I am persistent and I change that aspect of myself in the long run.

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