Personal Statement : A Mexican Household Where Education Isn 't A Priority Or Important?

Personal Statement : A Mexican Household Where Education Isn 't A Priority Or Important?

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“Personal Statement #1
Growing up in a Mexican household where education isn’t a priority or important has been one of my major obstacles that I’ve had to overcome. Although my family’s culture believes that education isn’t necessary their experiences and lifestyles have influence and motivate my choices for my future. I come from a home where I have no role model or someone influential. I have no one to ask for advice for college or anything involve in school. In most homes, older siblings help their younger siblings with their homework or projects but in my house no one was able to provide me with any help. I grew up to be independent and to do anything school related on my own. My parents are both immigrants who didn’t get to finish elementary school. Meanwhile my two older siblings drop out of high school because school wasn’t important to them or an interest. Being the first person to graduate of high school and go to college has brought pressure upon me. The reason for why I feel pressure is because I know my parents are depending on me to have a better life than both my older siblings and themselves. While my parents are hoping for me to succeed in life, my siblings envy me because of my determination and eagerness to graduate and go to college. Although there were moments where I wanted to give up like my brother and sister once did, my parents’ economic issues have encourage me to pursue and continue my education. Seeing my parents struggle to pay for bills and our essentials was urging me to drop out of school and find a job but my parents didn’t allow it but instead we came up to a compromise. Monday through Friday from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon I was to be dedicated to school but the rest of the after...

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...o be when I grow up but when I went to Mexicali I definitely knew what I wanted to do with my future. Before I started going on missionary trips I was a shy and reserved person but now I have become a young lady who loves to interact with people. I value my life because I have a place to eat and sleep but most importantly I value my life because I know people in Mexicali are depending one my help. No matter what happens in the future I will still travel to Mexicali and also other countries around the world to help kids who live in poverty. My main goal in life is to build a foster home. I want to build a place where kids can call it home and for them to feel safe and comfort. I want to become a mother to them even though I’m may not be the birth mother. Lastly, I want to love those kids like my own flesh and blood and be able to provide them food, a home, and love.

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