Personal Statement : A Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

Personal Statement : A Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Personal Statement

I choose to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. In many ways, it has also chosen me. I was twelve years old when I first thought of becoming a nurse. I was spending time with my elderly neighbor who was like a grandmother to me, and she had an accident. She was mortified. I ran over and got something to clean it up and started to wipe up the mess without thinking about it. “We all have accidents,” I said. After she got changed she said, “You were meant to be a nurse. Some day you will be, I just know it.” She passed away later that year and I have never forgotten that moment.
In this life, it is important to me to feel like I have a purpose, a reason for being alive. Living a life that inspires others, empowers and encourages people, promotes health and education and allows me to leave my mark, my legacy, is how I measure success. That is my goal in becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have been a nurse for over ten years, having the opportunity to work with patients in a variety of settings through nursing school and afterwards including rehabilitation, medical surgical, pediatrics, labor and delivery, intensive care, and most recently at a day surgery center working with patients before, during and after surgery. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I see myself teaching and leading people towards successes, educating and guiding them to navigate a complex and many times confusing medical system and supporting them emotionally while helping them make good decisions in regards to their medical care. I realize this also includes prescribing medications, ordering diagnostic tests and performing screening evaluations, however I see it as much more then that.
Learning to exercise good clinical judgement requires life ...

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... student support system along with its flexible times and days for taking classes would allow me to have the flexibility I need to succeed in this program while being a working wife and mother. My limited experience with the application process has allowed me to see first hand, how helpful, connected and dedicated Simmon’s staff are to the students. I have never experienced this at any other school I have attended. It leaves me wanting more. As I seek to become a skillful clinician, an advocate for my profession, and a committed educator, I need a program that will make it possible for me to unite both my personal and professional goals into a single fulfilling career. Most importantly, I am seeking a program that will mirror my passion and provide me with opportunity to show my strengths and build upon my weaknesses. I know that Simmons is this opportunity for me.

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