Personal Statement : A Clear Connection Essay

Personal Statement : A Clear Connection Essay

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After listening to Adam Bryant’s interview a clear connection can be made to a few key ideas which explain good leadership: including, that real leaders are brave, not just in the face of adversity but brave enough to make tough choices, real leaders are the ones who know that no matter how high up in a company they are there is still more to be learned, having business and people acumen is essential to a role in leadership, and finally leaders have an understanding of the difference between leading and managing.
I will begin with the idea of bravery, Bryant mentions “facing down adversity and knowing what you are capable of” (Bryant), but he also alludes to “the fearlessness to take something and change it, not recklessly, but turning something upside down or inside out to make it better.” (Bryant) This falls right in line with the Fast Company article on people acumen, “They watch for problems that might get in the way of achieving [goals] and don 't hesitate to give people unvarnished feedback. They are keen judges of when someone is not up to the task and don 't back off from making the hard decision to replace him. Many people who think they 're leaders are terribly uncomfortable and indecisive in the realm of personalities, even when they have the insight into who and what needs coaching. Some have a deep-rooted need to be liked that compromises their judgments of people… They intervene when they detect behavior that disrupts the working of the group. These leaders are fearless where many people are unconsciously concerned that if they try to change the group dynamics, they 'll be cut apart or ignored and lose face.” (Charan) This approach helps to solidify a leader’s role among their followers or peers. Not fearing failure ...

... middle of paper ... my failures as experience and use those experiences to help others, lifting others above yourself is my personal definition of a “true leader”.
In the Peter 's Article (Leadership Is Confusing As Hell), he left number 49 open. "You tell me. What is the one key idea for leadership in whacked-out times that you would propose?" (Peters) Leaders are the Cavalry. Meaning, if a follower tried to be a leader by being brave, and gets backed into a corner because of it a leader will always see the positive lesson that can come from the situation rather than the negative of punishing “thinking outside the box”. In my experience, managers will not back up someone who made the mistake of trying something outside the “status quo”, but real leaders having made those same mistakes will not only be more lenient, but will also jump right into the quicksand with a sinking idealist.

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