Personal Statement: A Career in Finance and Economics Essay

Personal Statement: A Career in Finance and Economics Essay

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I always remember the moment that I was excited. The moment was that I awarded the 1st place and got the gold medal in the mathematics competition when I was a little girl in the 3rd grade. Since that time, I hadbegun to be attracted to the mathematics. I could not imagine my future without mathematics. It directed me to become a financial officer.
My interest in financial management developed as a student at the Institute of Finance and Economics, where accounting was my major. My teacher of the financial management, in her lectures,noted the importance of the development of the stock market in Mongolia, a necessary factor for increasing national production.
My foreign friend, who knew that I worked in the financial field, asked my advice about whether he should invest in Mongolian stock market. I was not able to encourage him to do it because Mongolian stock market has not developed well yet and it can be risky.Investors and researchers complain that it is difficult to obtain accurate financial information in Mongolia. The reason is that companies do not report their financial information under the standards required internationally. On the one hand, there are plenty of people who are willing to invest and on the other hand, there are myriad people who need money for implementing their great ideas. What can I do for solving this issue as a financial officer? That is why I decided to establish a financial consulting company which provides consulting services for financial and portfolio management.
When I was a student, I studied industriously to obtain the necessary knowledge and abilities, useful for my future career. Personally, I believe that a student must not only study but also contribute to the society...

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... market develops in Mongolia, it will be beneficial for all parties. Firstly, national production would increase based on the plenty of the financial resource. It is possible for companies to issue Initial Public Offering and obtain cheaper financial source. If finance expense is lower, product and services can be produced by lower cost. This means the company could earn more profit and buyers, who are individuals, could buy for a lower price. Secondly, foreign investors could increase their profit by investing in Mongolia. Mongolian mining industry is developing quickly and attracting foreign investors. Thirdly, developed stock market can be a bridge between investors and project proposers. It can enhance mutual understanding of Mongolia and other countries.
Will Mongolia develop or not? It is in hands of financial officers who are competent for their profession.

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