Personal Space Boundaries at a Social Holiday Event Essay

Personal Space Boundaries at a Social Holiday Event Essay

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All cultures have a set system of ideals, norms, and values. The culture in which an individual lives tries to encourage these views of appropriate behavior. When an individual does not follow what is considered “societal norms” then they are viewed as an outcast. In public spaces, individuals do what they can to “fit-in”. To be on the inside is to follow the norm. Norms are “behavioral regularities in a society as well as … behavioral expectations.” (Campennì, Andrighetto and Conte 17).
Individuals learn to conform to personal space boundaries as a societal norm. Personal space boundaries are defined as “the metaphorical separation between the person and his/her environment – where the person ends and the external environment begins” (Stiles and Raney 30). People develop their own sense of personal space and this space is not set at a fixed amount. It has been shown in studies that “people typically seek an ‘optimal’ distance for [their] interaction” (Bar-Haim, Aviezer and Berson 69).
Interpersonal spacing has many different factors in how comfortable a person is within their own personal space boundary. Some of the factors are personality, sex, or age of an individual. For example, the boundary of a child’s personal space is smaller than that of an adult. However, once a child reaches puberty, their boundary begins resembling that of an adult (Høgh-Olesen 246).
Humans thrive on socialization. What better way for them to try to fulfill this need than to attend an organized holiday event. Jefferson Pointe mall held a small free Easter event on April 19, the day before Easter Sunday. I imagined that I would be seeing an expression of religious activities in our society; however, after just a few minutes of witnessin...

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