Personal Robot or Not: I Robot Essay

Personal Robot or Not: I Robot Essay

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Think ten years into the future, as you come home from work and the house has been cleaned, the kids have started their homework, and dinner is almost finished. After dinner you sit back and relax as your children are put to bed and the kitchen is cleaned, soon you go take a bath that has already been prepared for you. Your personal robot completing the long list of chores you left for it has plugged itself in for the night and will be ready for more work tomorrow.
Domestic robots or service robots are machines designed to accomplish household chores. These robots are slowly becoming more and more popular in our growing world. “Starting from humble beginnings in the middle of the twentieth century, the field has seen great successes in manufacturing and industrial robotics, as well as personal and service robots of various kinds” (Bekey 17). Technology is constantly growing and we need to keep up with it. In recent years smart phones and tablets have made a huge impact on civilization. Technology and robotics use is a silent debate that needs to be heard. The use of domestic robots needs to be considered socially, economically, technologically, and from a military and medical standpoint.
Robots are everywhere and their uses are limitless if equipped correctly. There are many definitions of robots, because of all their uses. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a robot is a machine that can do the work of a person and that works automatically or is controlled by a computer. More specific definitions of a robot are machines capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, or machines resembling human beings and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically. Each robot is designed f...

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